julio 16, 2019
Tipo de empleo


Responsibilities may include the following and other duties may be assigned.

- Develops, integrates and provides account or brand-specific forecasts for internal sales and operations planning which includesreplenishment data, point-of sale data, sales promotion information, marketing plans, manufacturing capacity, and newdistribution/product deletions.

- Assists in the improvement of demand forecasting accuracy for internal and external customers including determining theappropriate algorithm for statistical forecasts.

- Maintains and manages product history, accurate forecasting, and promotional demand.lAnalyzes internal demand stream information, and categorizes according to demand patterns.

- Aligns sales/marketing intelligence for each operating unit for use in forecast systems, working with sales organization(s), national sales accounts, marketing, research and development, and related forecasting and planning groups.

Required Knowledge and Experience:

- Requires advanced knowledge of job area combining breadth and depth, typically obtained throughadvanced education combined with experience.

- May have practical knowledge of project management.

- Requires a Baccalaureate degree (orfor degrees earned outside of the United States, a degree which satisfies the requirements of 8 C.F.R. § 214.2(h)( 4)(iii) (A) and minimum of 4 years of relevant experience, or advanced degree with a minimum of 2 years relevant experience.